German Hausbarn

Brought over from Germany and assembled here in Manning in 1996, the German Hausbarn is the pride and joy of the Manning Community Foundation.

Country Wedding Venue

Whether you’ve dreamed of a wedding with a romantic European flair, one that’s rustic or traditional, at the Manning Hausbarn-Heritage Park, you can customize the setting to reflect your own personal style.

The centerpiece of the Manning Community Foundation is its beautiful Heritage Park- a location packed with attractions that will take visitors back in time and give them a glimpse of what ‘would have been’ had their ancestors not made the courageous voyage from Germany across the Atlantic and then some.

The Manning Community Foundation is an Iowa non-profit corporation established under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization was created almost three decades ago primarily to preserve the German-American culture in the community of Manning, Iowa. Manning was founded in 1881 by immigrants from the Schleswig-Holstein area of northwest Germany.

The activities of the Foundation are numerous and are always directed toward cultivating the social, cultural and economic contributions of the thousands of German settlers that migrated to this great country. Just as those early immigrants labored to claim their future, the Manning Community Foundation is working hard to claim and memorialize our past.

We invite you to browse the website and learn more about our unique offerings, specifically our 350 year old authentic German Hausbarn, brought over from Germany.  We’ll tell you how it got here, what it was used for and what life was like in Germany in the 1600’s.  Step back into the late 1800’s and take a look at the historical Trinity Church or the early 1900’s and see what living on a rural farmstead might have been like at the Leet/Hassler Farmstead. Take a tour of the Konferenz Centre, which boasts a large hall, tavern and restaurant dining room available for weddings, business meetings and other special events. We look forward to seeing you in person when you visit this hidden gem in Manning, Iowa.

A tourism idea
That Manning put in motion
We’ll get a German Hausbarn
Bring it across the ocean
Taken apart piece by piece
And each were carefully marked
Packaged and put on a ship
To Canada it embarked
Then transported to Manning
“Some” assembly was required
Many volunteer workers
Along with those that were hired
Next to a historic farm
On the east edge of town
Conference center adjoins it
Trinity Church moved on the grounds
Camping is available
And nearby a new motel
Visit our German Hausbarn
In Manning we’ll treat you well
6 – 28 – 2018
Craig Moeller

The Hausbarn-Heritage Park in Manning has been named the Outstanding Attraction for Rural
Iowa. Click below to read more.

“Thank you so much for being so easy to work with and flexible for our wedding.  Everything turned out beautiful and was exactly as I had envisioned.”

Thank you for keeping such a nice park!  We enjoy it each time we come through Manning.

Paul and Bethany

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