German Immigration Courtyard

In the early years of the Park, an idea to build an immigrant wall as a fundraiser was conceived and initiated.  Due to changes in the organization, the wall was never built.  Recently, the idea of paving the courtyard was presented to the Operations Committee of the Manning Hausbarn-Heritage Park.  In one of those “ah ha” moments, LeRoy Damman said, “Let’s lay the immigrant wall down and pave the courtyard with bricks inscribed with names of contributors”, thus, using the money for what it was intended for, but also providing the necessary paving of the courtyard.  Initially, the bricks will be those of the first investors since the money has been sitting in the bank waiting for a solution.  In addition, a new plea has gone out to a wide audience to purchase bricks to honor loved ones, to honor your family, to honor your wedding, anniversary, etc.  Orders have been coming in and it is hoped that by the Party on the Bricks, the German Immigrant Courtyard will be well on its way to being paved.  Since the Immigrant Wall was the first name for the project, it was decided to call it the German Immigant Courtyard to identify the new project.  Part of the money collected will be used for the bricks, of course, a percentage will be put into an endowment to preserve the Courtyard and some will be used for operations. 

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