Manning Heritage Park was mentioned in the IGTA Ag Itineraries

“If your kids wonder why they have to share a room with their siblings, you can tell them it could be worse! In 17th century Germany, it was a common practice for a farmer’s house (bauernhaus) to be shared by families and their livestock. You’ll get to go inside an authentic German Hausbarn built in 1664 that was moved to Manning and rebuilt by German and American craftsmen.

Nearby is the William A. Leet and Frederick Hassler Farmstead District. The farm was home to an innovative and progressive early twentieth century Poland China purebred hog operation. The details and condition of the high quality Arts and Crafts style home and the fact that all of the original farm structures are intact is very rare. The home was built as something of a country estate and the farm structures were meant to impress and reflected the most progressive ideas in farm buildings and livestock production of the day.” from IGTA Ag Itineraries

Quite a few interesting things to do in Iowa!