Gift Shop will be ready!
Marsha Clausen has some new items in the Gift Shop and Patsy Halbur and Vicki Thielen are lining up the volunteers to work three-hour shifts in the Gift Shop from May 1 through October 31. We are open 10 to 4 each day except Sunday, when we’re open 1 to 4. There are lots of slots to fill in that calendar and they appreciate the help. Call if youare able to contribute, please. Marsha is also working with Tyler Jensen to do an online store. You will soon be able to buy gifts from the Gift Shop, including a German Hausbarn t-shirt, without leaving your desk.

Membership Meeting

Board member, Don Luensmann wrote the following press release for the Membership Meeting. “A group of about 50 people turned out on Saturday, March 22, 2014, for the annual Manning Hausbarn-Heritage Park Membership Meeting at the Hausbarn Konferenz Centre. Those attending the meeting learned more about Hausbarn-Heritage Park operations, laughed at the humorous stories from Scott Siepker, Iowa’s Nice Guy, and tasted bratchos. Don Luensmann, chair of the MHHP Marketing Committee, welcomed the members and guests and discussed the financial aspects of the Park. Luensmann noted that annual income from Park activities has risen from $0 to over $160,000 in just 5 years. Drilling down into the statistics, Freda Dammann, manager of the Park, described the numbers of events, weddings, parties, admissions and tours over the last five years and, in particular, 2013. Dammann and a group of volunteers staff the Park and provide tours for visitors while working in the gift shop. Dammann noted that the number of events and weddings has increased dramatically, and that additional work needs to be done to encourage more tour groups and individual tours. The future of the Park was discussed by Warren Puck, chairman of the Board. Among those items discussed by the Puck include the need for more German-themed events, development of genealogy opportunities for Park visitors, and the potential purchase of the Konferenz Center by the Hausbarn-Heritage Park group. Gift shop revenues are increasingly a part of the Park’s income. Marsha Clausen, manager of the Gift Shop, told the group about new items in the shop including German catsup, mustard and coffee, and the new online store that will be opening in the near future. In keeping with the tenor of the event, Scott Siepker, the Iowa Nice Guy, shared his philosophy of creating a brand and sticking with it, while also praising the community of Manning and the Hausbarn-Heritage Park for their progressive efforts to keep the small town alive. “Be assured, that we will continue reporting to our membership through an annual meeting and through the newsletter.”

Getting the Park ready
Thanks to a donation, we were able to purchase two more 16” flower baskets and now have six of them being filled with pink supertunias. They are hung on the light poles in the farmstead and are beautiful. We are in need of plants all over the Park so, if you are inclined, you could go to our web site, and use the Donate button to help us make the Park colorful. Jeanie Stadtlander, Karen Kienast, Laurie Stein, and Karen Reinke do the potting and the volunteers do the watering. Wayne Curlile and others use the 20 gallon barrel and pump to do the watering. Duane Monson manages the mowing of the Park and has a crew of about 5 men who help out. Since we are open to walk-ins, we need to be ready at all times. Our annual Clean Up Day will be on April 26, starting at 9 a.m. Lunch will be served at 11:30. Bring rakes and rags and put on your gloves!